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Naked Copy

Straight words.

If you're into seeing ideas in their rawest form.

"Deadlines" Some headlines I like that never made the layout: Gonna need a bigger plate.

Effort doesn’t count. But in the end it’s all that matters.

Not all who wander are aimless.

There’s lots of ink under all this denim.

To infinity and the zoo!

Impress your wife and your great, great, grand-children.

Always wear sneakers so you can outrun zombies better than dudes in flip flops.

Smart phones are cool because you can talk, text, and occasionally impress people with your ability to google things.

Fishing Opener is our National Holiday.

He might be able to survive in the woods for five days eating pine cones and defending himself from mad mother badgers, but he still needs mom to get his whites whiter.

Make others sweat just looking at you.

A small town with bars and churches, surrounded by small towns with bars and churches.

The best thing since sliced bread is actually unsliced bread.

Warning: If you need a warning to know not to stick your hand in a wood chipper, then you might as well stick your head in this wood chipper.

Our Floss-ophy: Brushing is just the tip of the molar.

Is this craft brew heaven? No, it’s Iowa.

Wanna join our mug club? Keep your eyes on the obituaries.

I’ve been saving my golf clap for this.

Chicks dig big yields.

75% water. 110% committed to it.

Minnesota. It’s cold, but it’s a dry cold.

Some award shows have music to hurry your speech along. We have Mary Swalley. (Miss you Marry)

Stop and smell the dark roast.

Clear eyes. Full bins. Can’t lose.

"Trail Boss" Video

VISUAL Wisconsin Mom in an office lounge setting reaches in to pour coffee.

Camera expands to reveal gruff old cowboy leaning against the fridge.

TRAIL BOSS ‘Scuse me ma’am (tips his cap)

MOM How did you get in here?

TRAIL BOSS Word on the trail is that you’re fixin’ to head west.

MOM Yeah how do you know? Wait! Show me your fob!

TRAIL BOSS I can’t do that. But if you want to see something beautiful on the way, come on by Medora, North Dakota. Gateway to the West and the perfect place to start your adventure. MOM Oh yeah, sure.

TRAIL BOSS (Reaches in saddlebag, hands MOM a fresh-baked scone.) I keep a supply of these on the trail. They smooth out the rough spots along the way.

MOM Thanks?

PICTURE Fade to color.



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