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Albert Lea Seed House

Seeding organic growth.

The team at Albert Lea Seed has a goal to be world-class storytellers. That's why I'm here.

Since May 2023 when I started, we've re-committed to telling our brand stories for Albert Lea Seed, Viking, and Blue River brands with a focus on being an uncommon seed company for uncommon farmers. 99% of the industry is focused on farmers who grow GMO corn and soybeans. We're focused on organic, non-GMO, and diversified farmers. Here are a few examples of how we bring that to life. First we captured some visual assets to help us show real uncommon farmers:

If you haven't spent years in ag marketing, you might not know how uncommon this photo is. First, weeds. You never see those. This is organic farming, there are always a couple weeds. Second, no logos. Third, no poses. Fourth, corn and soybeans in a single photo. Fifth, our photographer was actually a freelance copywriter. Thanks Nick Rudie (skip down below to see more like this). Then we re-tooled the Albert Lea Seed website with help from our friends at Superhuman.

Then we made a campaign for our re-defined organic seed brand Blue River, again with some help from Superhuman. Being an old copywriter myself, I couldn't help but chip in along the way. Shout out to copywriter Erin Mackaman for letting me help. She helped crack a really strong tagline.

Kudos to the Superhuman crew Sean Cooley, Andrew Beckman, Kelsey Knothe, Van Horgen and the rest of the crew for collab.

We had some great performance data come in so we did a lot of yield, yield, yield marketing. Then we wrapped harvest with a thank you video with help from Brady Silky 96 Loch and creative director/writer/photographer Nick Rudie.

Let's hear it for the custom track by Silky 96 himself. To be continued... Enjoy more photos while you wait:

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