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Story is my story. 

I hope to be a great story one day. 

My daughter says I'm kind, funny and bad at math. I say I'm just a kid from Glenville, Minnesota trying to make it. When I realized I wasn't going to make it the NFL, I thought to myself, "Hey some of these ads on TV are pretty funny. Messin' with Sasquatch. Ocean Spray. This is Sportscenter. I could do that." Fast forward from a cocky, long-haired kid to a humble, short-haired man, and you have yourself a copywriter, creative director, marketing director, barn cat tamer, ditch digger, and whatever else people need to get the job done. I just love making cool stuff with cool people. If you wanna do that right now, skip to the contact info.

I live in the middle of everywhere with my wife, daughter, two dogs and a cat in a place called Albert Lea, Minnesota. Don't let my address fool you, it's the land between the lakes and the center of everything I hold sacred. I think people like me because I don't like talking about myself. But this is my website, so you can see I'm a little out of my comfort zone. As any good writer knows an about section is the 2nd or 3rd thing a visitor might look at and it's a great opportunity to differentiate yourself. What makes me different I think is this. I might not be the most interesting person but I make up for that by being the most interested. I'm fascinated by everything. I'm especially fascinated by good stories and cool stuff. Good stories about cool stuff? Don't even get me started. 

I tried my whole life to be cool. I'm a dad now, so that ship has sailed. But making cool stuff, that's only just begun. Here's to all the people doing cool stuff. We should all do more of that. 

Let's get after it.

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Albert Lea Seed - Marketing Director/Creative Director/Writer May'23-Current
Flint - Group Creative Director '22-May '23
Flint - Senior Copywriter '21-'23 

Mortarr/Brick/The Marketing Plant - Creative Director '17-'21
The Lacek Group - Copywriter '15-'17

Alliance Benefit Group - Marketing Specialist '13-'15
The Lacek Group - Copywriter '12-'13
WestmorelandFlint - Copywriter '11-'12
Epicor Software - Business Development '10-'11
Duluth Pack - Retail Sales '09-'10
Pearson & VonElbe Advertising - Intern Copywriter '09-'09
Fitger's Inn - Valet/Bellman '09'-'10
Kelley Plumbing - Apprentice Plumber '06-'09
Northland Country Club - Greens Keeper '09
Albert Lea School District - Lawn Maintenance '06
YMCA - Youth Football and Basketball Coach/ Lifeguard '05-'06
Rainbow Pork - Hog Breeding Specialist '04-'05
Knaack Dairy - Farmhand '03-'05
Glenville Beach - Lifeguard/Grounds Maintenance '03-'05
The Farm - Mowing, building things, planting trees, fixing things, building things, feeding things, pretending to fix things while dreaming about other things '87-'05
Gtown Fort Building - flooring, logistics and security specialist '96-'01
Here and there - Barn cat tamer, road grader, late night talk show host, songwriter, band namer, inventor, brewmaster, bonfire lighter, baseball bat craftsman, bronc buster and fence painter '87-'undefined



- 3 time President's Physical Fitness Award winner
- Voted "Best Personality" and "Most Likely to Be Famous" by the G-E Class of 2005
- John Jarvis once told me I reminded him of himself when he was my age
- My older brother Dylan once told me I could be the next Nolan Ryan
- My little brother Grayden once told me I was perfect, other than being only 5'9"
- Some Show Pins
- Some ADDYS
- Some Tellys
- Some Namas


Brainco The Minneapolis School of Advertising - Portfolio Program
University of Minnesota Duluth - BBA Marketing

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