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Flint Mix Tape

Fun with friends.

Shameless agency promotion work for Flint and some other odds and ends.

Worked on these Chili Cook-off posters and labels with Art Director Jim Adler and Designer Annalise Johnson.

Krenzen TV

Worked on this with a bunch of Flint folks but the best part was getting to dive back in on a project with one of my favorite humans Ken Zakovich.

Massey Ferguson 8S Launch

My grandpa is a farmer and die hard Farmall/International man. So he didn't even think they made Massey Ferguson tractors anymore. I thought it was a lot of fun to work on an iconic tractor brand with fellow creative Laurel Voels and the rest of the AGCO team at Flint.

Medora North Dakota Tourism

Had fun exploring ways to get people excited to Explore Medora with fellow Flintsters Phil Hunt, Jason Lotzer, Alan Josephson and Jim Adler. Safe to say we all speak Midwesterner.

Downton Duluth

The Flint crew enjoys working with the Downtown Duluth Greater Downtown Council. One of my favorite projects was the Holiday campaign my pal Alan Josephson and I worked on.

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